Throughout California and the nation, each new day delivers a flood of law suits claiming that medical devices or pharmaceuticals caused personal injury or alleging links between serious medical conditions and exposure to chemicals and other products in the home, workplace, or environment.


That, obviously, is the bad news. The good news is that Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O'Keefe & Nichols excels in successfully defending clients in both categories of cases.

For insurance companies and manufacturers, we've successfully defended clients facing a diverse mix of product liability lawsuits targeting everything from heart valves to anti-depression medication to anesthesia machines.

Similarly, we specialize in defending clients against toxic tort claims stemming from exposure to chemicals and other products in the workplace or the environment: paints, industrial cleaners, epoxies, solders, etc.

At Bonne Bridges, we possess a unique ability to burst the bubble of what's aptly called "junk science"—a disturbing trend in which questionable scientific or medical theories are used as the foundation for frivolous toxic tort claims. In "junk science," the reasoning often goes like this: "If it makes rats sick, it must, therefore, make humans sick."

Our expertise in product liability and toxic tort cases didn't occur by happenstance. Rather, it was a thoughtful, logical outgrowth of our leadership in medical malpractice defense. Our knowledge of the medical field, combined with an ability to use our understanding of medical terms and conditions to unravel plaintiffs' claims, gives you an invaluable advantage in a product liability or toxic tort case. Also, our decades of work defending physicians and hospitals have given us access to the finest forensic, medical, and toxicological expert witnesses available.



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