Successfully defending doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care providers requires attorneys who understand complex medical issues and are able to explain these concepts to people without medical training—people like judges and jurors. A law firm that prepares its lawyers to successfully defend its health care clients provides three things: experience, training, and depth.


Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O'Keefe & Nichols has over 45 years of experience representing health care providers. We started as the only lawyers representing members of the Los Angeles County Medical Association and have built on that experience by representing health care providers throughout California and neighboring states. At any one time the lawyers of Bonne Bridges collectively handle several hundred cases alleging medical negligence.

All of our attorneys undergo extensive in-house training in both the legal and medical issues that face our health care clients. The training begins when our lawyers are first hired and continues throughout their career. Most of our senior lawyers have written, lectured and taught health care providers and other attorneys in the issues involved in medical-legal litigation.

In complex medical-legal court battles, the side with the best coordinated team effort most often prevails. Every file handled by Bonne Bridges is assigned to a team of two or more lawyers depending on the needs of the case. Each team leader is a senior and experienced trial lawyer who coordinates the efforts of team members to provide a successful and efficient defense. With more than 40 attorneys who have experience litigating medical negligence cases, Bonne Bridges is among the largest group of lawyers in the nation with the experience and training required to provide its health care litigation clients with the best possible defense.

The proof is in the results. Take a look at the individual and collective results of the lawyers of Bonne Bridges and compare them with other lawyers and law firms. The experience, training and depth of Bonne Bridges are obvious.



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