Meeting Hospital Medical Staff Challenges

Is Your Business Prepared to Deal with the Time Bomb of Vacation Pay Liability
Do You Know Someone Like This: The Borderline Personality Disorder
— By Joel Bruce Douglas
To Sue or Not To Sue?
Proper documentation and clear communication, between physicians and staff and between staff and patient can preserve and protect a medical practice and help avoid common problem areas....
A Modest Proposal: Just Sic the Medical Board on California Motorists
— By Joel Bruce Douglas
Drivers in California simply have had it too easy for too long. Look at them, driving around in those fancy expensive cars and SUV's, talking on their cell phones, getting tickets and into accidents, failing to come to complete stops, cluttering the highways and refusing to carpool or use public transportation. Who do they think they are anyway...God?!....
What to do When the Medical Board Comes Knocking
- An Overview of Licensing Board Procedures

— by Joel Bruce Douglas and Peter R. Osinoff
In order to appeal, there must be a final judgment. (Code Civ.Proc., sec. 904.1a.) Most "orders" do not suffice. Be aware, however, some matters are only subject to review by extraordinary writ; for example, challenges to a judge. Assuming a final judgment exists, then the following time line applies......


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